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WRJ as a Worldwide Organization

The Beth David WRJ is a member of the international organization.  WRJ now represents more than 65,000 women in nearly 500 women’s groups in North America and around the world.   The organization’s mission is to guarantee the future of Reform Judaism by educating and training sisterhood and congregational leadership.   You can read more about the group on their Web site: womenofreformjudaism.org   


The 2016/2017 WRJ Board


The Vivian Manko Service Award

The WRJ Vivian Manko Service Award is given to a deserving WRJ member who exemplifies the values of service to the WRJ that Vivian Manko demonstrated over decades of serving on the WRJ Board. With great pride, the 2016 Vivian Manko Service Award was given to: 

Roberta Ruvin  

Roberta and her husband Dan joined Beth David when her daughter, Hallie, entered elementary school. She immediately joined WRJ and has been a devoted member for over 20 years.

She assumed leadership positions within WRJ and on the Board of Trustees of Beth David. Roberta has filled the position of Treasurer for WRJ for 16 years.

Not only does she issue a through and accurate report each month but she offers commentary as to whether we are meeting our planned objectives as reflected in the budget numbers. She offers creative suggestions as to where to donate funds.

Roberta co-chaired Caring Community for seven years. The Caring Community has quietly and diligently reached out to families in need, whether due to illness, death in the family or other events. A friendly phone call or warm note that lets the family know we care is sometimes the best help of all.

As a Beth David Trustee she chaired the Development Committee which tackles the difficult job of raising funds for Beth David. She also co-chaired the Library Committee. She organized the move from the basement to the new library. She has cataloged all new acquisitions and promoted the use of the library. Roberta has planned two community seders which were instrumental in recruiting new members for Beth David. She has been a devoted member of Beit Midrash Study Group and in conjunction with that group contributed to the editing of The Women’s Commentary.

Roberta is always available to help but rarely accepts praise. She can be counted on to volunteer when help is needed and sets a great example for other volunteers with her commitment to WRJ.

Congratulations to Roberta Ruvin!

Roberta Ruvin receiving The 2016 Vivian Manko Service Award from past WRJ President, Nancy Benowitz                                                                              

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